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Safe holiday travel tips

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A Sustainable Guide to the Holidays

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Find out if you know how to distinguish a genuine product from a cheap knockoff

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Five safety tips for autumn cleanup

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Avoid playing leftover roulette this holiday

How long can you safely keep leftovers?


Toys will be toys: Make sure your child’s playthings are safe

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The fire safety superheroes in your home

The power of smoke alarms and closed doors

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It’s not scary to be a safe pedestrian

Follow these Halloween safety tips to make sure this Halloween isn’t ghoulish

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Take action now to prevent a fire in your home

Strategies to help keep you and your loved ones safe at home

Car SeatCar Seat

Safely Installing Your Child's Car Seat

Tips for success when installing your car safety seat


Keeping your eyes healthy in a digital age

How to prevent eye strain during digital screen use.

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How to elder-proof your home

Tips to reduce risk, boost confidence and comfort


Keeping your head above water during a flood

How a portable generator can help during heavy rainfall and flooding

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Cycling the city: What you need to know to stay safe

You never forget how to ride a bike. And you should never forget these safety tips.

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Keep your head above water with these life jacket safety tips

It’s the most important jacket you will ever wear