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atv in snowatv in snow

10 Safety Rules for ATVs and Snowmobiles

Key tips to know before you motor off-road.

Woman checking a smoke detector.Woman checking a smoke detector.

Home Safety Checklist: What to Do When

From testing your smoke alarm to changing the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector, use this home safety checklist to learn what to do when.

atm machineatm machine

9 Tips for Using an ATM More Safely

Discover 9 ways to avoid scammers, PIN stealers, robbers and other dangers when using an ATM.

little boy in helmetlittle boy in helmet

Getting Ahead of Concussions

Youth sports are wildly popular, but concussions are at an all-time high. Learn how to protect your child while keeping him in the game.

woman on cruisewoman on cruise

Cruise Vacation? Have a Safe Trip!

How to stay healthy and avoid illnesses and threats of all sorts on the high seas.

cat dreaming about fishcat dreaming about fish

8 Common Cat-Feeding Mistakes to Avoid

Are you giving your kitty milk or tuna? Could you be accidentally overfeeding her? Avoid these eight common cat-feeding mistakes.

fire truckfire truck

How to Make a Home Fire Escape Plan

Would you and your family know what to do in case of a house fire? Learn how to create a plan for keeping loved ones safe.

girl on cliff with tabletgirl on cliff with tablet

9 Tech Habits That Can Wreck Your Body (and How to Break Them)

How you use your phone, computer and tablet can take a toll on your body and even wreck your sleep. Learn healthier ways to use electronic devices.

pb hershey kiss cookiespb hershey kiss cookies

Does Your Diet Contain Hidden "Franken Fats"?

Learn where heart-threatening trans fats lurk and 7 ways to avoid them.


Winter Nosebleeds Do’s and Don'ts

Think you know the best way to control a winter nosebleed? We separate the myths from the doctor-approved advice.

veggie burgerveggie burger

Going Vegan? 7 Things to Know Before You Start

A vegan diet is generally healthy — but there are a few nutritional pitfalls to watch for. Here’s how to avoid them.

guy on phone in snowguy on phone in snow

How to Winterize Your Car

Is your car ready for winter? Cruise through this winter car safety checklist to find out.


How to Survive a Tornado

Find out what to do and where to go when a twister looms with these tornado safety tips.

fire burningfire burning

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Is Your Family Protected?

Most of us are pretty good about having smoke detectors — and even replacing the batteries regularly. But protecting the family from carbon monoxide may be a di

sick familysick family

Quiz: Flu Myths and Facts

Test your knowledge and learn some surprising flu facts.