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Watch or warning: Know the signs of tornado weather

Stay safe when the sky opens up

kissing bugkissing bug

A dangerous pest is spreading across the US

Kissing bugs have a cute name for something that can be quite dangerous


Food safety: look out when you cook out

Food safety: look out when you cook out

fake dollarfake dollar

Low-quality counterfeit goods could prove dangerous

IP surrounds us every day. But chances are you don’t know what it means for your own safety

gas stovegas stove

Now you’re cooking with gas … safely

Helpful tips to prevent injuries with gas appliances

Woman sleepingWoman sleeping

Quiz: Is your home safe?

Find out whether or not your home has you out of harm’s way

Earth DayEarth Day

Reduce, recycle and reuse plastic to keep the world wild

This Earth Day, think about how you can help make a sustainable world.


Quiz: Are you safe in your backyard?

Find out if you’re safe outside

Lightning strike in a dark blue skyLightning strike in a dark blue sky

Lightning is frightening; protect yourself and your home

How to prepare your home from lightning storms

world water dayworld water day

Conserve water, save the future

World Water Day reminds everyone it’s our responsibility to conserve water

Smoke AlarmSmoke Alarm

Where there’s smoke, there should be smoke alarms

As time springs forward, stay ahead of fire safety

Workplace HealthWorkplace Health

Give yourself a break at work!

Small breaks increase workplace health and happiness

Food allergensFood allergens

Healthy tips to prevent allergies while dining out

Follow these “well-done” tips on how to prevent allergic attacks at restaurants


Get charged up about battery safety

Staying safe with lithium-ion batteries

Diaper testDiaper test

How UL tests diapers with sophisticated sniff tests

An inside look at one of UL’s scientific product evaluations