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Woman wearing oven mittsWoman wearing oven mitts

Ask UL: Cooking Safety

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the number one and two days of the year for cooking fires.

man in hazmat suitman in hazmat suit

How to Disinfect Your Home When Someone Is Sick

7 tips for banishing germs so the whole family doesn’t fall ill.

washing disheswashing dishes

The No-Waste Way to Handwash Dishes

A step-by-step guide to scrubbing your plates without harming the planet.

Dog's earDog's ear

How to Spot and Prevent a Dog Ear Infection

If your pup is prone to painful ear infections, here’s how to get him some relief.

Pet medicinePet medicine

5 Ways to Prevent Pet Medication Errors

Protect your furry (or scaly) friend from dosage errors, medicine mix-ups and more.


How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

The down and dirty on what’s on your bed sheets, and how to keep them ick-free.

Halloween candyHalloween candy

Clever Ways to Celebrate Halloween if Your Child Has a Food Allergy

Treats can be tricky if your little one is allergic to nuts, dairy, soy or wheat.

Bath towelBath towel

How Often Should You Wash Your Bath Towel?

The ick factor in a used one may be higher than you think.

Teen soccer playerTeen soccer player

Does Your Teen Athlete Need a Heart Test?

Consider a heart checkup so your child doesn’t miss a beat in their favorite sport.

Green homeGreen home

Quiz: Are You Wasting Money on Home Energy?

Find out if you’re savvy at cutting power costs or if you need to amp up your efforts.

Dog's water dishDog's water dish

Is That Biofilm on Your Dog Dish?

Biofilm is the same icky stuff that clings to your teeth. Here’s how to get rid of it.

blurry trees dizzinessblurry trees dizziness

Before You Slice, Drive or Climb a Ladder: Are You on Any of These Meds?

That antidepressant, blood pressure medicine or other drug you’re taking can cause dizziness or drowsiness.

brand new car brand new car

Is “New Car Smell” Dangerous?

Many drivers love the aroma, but can it make you sick?

Elderly person in a wheelchairElderly person in a wheelchair

In Case of Emergency: How Will You Get Your Loved One to Safety?

4 steps to helping an elderly, sick or disabled person survive a disaster.

plane interior cabinplane interior cabin

How to Survive a Plane Crash

Most crashes are survivable, so it pays to know what to do.