Angela Nelson

Car headlightsCar headlights

Trouble Seeing the Road at Night? Your Headlights May Be to Blame

Most car headlights fall short in new safety tests.

pregnant womanpregnant woman

Pregnant Women: Why You Should Worry about What You Breathe

New studies link air pollution with child behavior issues and premature births.

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Is a Real-Life Celebrity Superhero

The actor joins other Hollywood A-listers who’ve come to the rescue off-screen.

Bounce houseBounce house

5 Key Bounce House Safety Rules

From the moon bounce to inflatable slides, what to know before you let kids jump in.

Car approaching stop signCar approaching stop sign

10 Bad Driving Habits to Finally Break

Kick these habits to the curb before someone gets hurt.

Car with mouseCar with mouse

5 Ways to Protect Your Car from Being Hacked

Take car hacking seriously — now — the FBI says.

Cars drivingCars driving

Your Next Car Might Be a Better Driver than You

Chances are it will have automatic emergency braking and other do-it-itself safety features.

Eco friendly labelEco friendly label

Greenwashing Scams: How Much Does That Eco-Friendly Label Really Mean?

It’s not easy being green — so some manufacturers fake it.

Internet privacyInternet privacy

FCC to Internet Providers: Fess Up about Data Collection

Your ISP may soon have to spill about how they’re collecting and sharing your personal info.

Chicken nuggets and French friesChicken nuggets and French fries

Half of What Americans Eat is “Ultra-Processed”

And those foods and drinks are pumping us full of added sugar.

Mother and baby in hospitalMother and baby in hospital

Drive-Through Hospital Births

A new study shows an alarming number of women around the world leave the hospital too soon after giving birth.

Pedestrian safetyPedestrian safety

Pedestrian Deaths Lept in 2015

But a traffic safety school in Kentucky aims to raise a generation of safer drivers and pedestrians.

Cruise shipCruise ship

How Not to Fall Off a Cruise Ship

It happens more often than you might think.

Drugged Driving Suit from Ford Motor CompanyDrugged Driving Suit from Ford Motor Company

Learn What It Feels Like to Drive Impaired

A high-tech “suit” teaches new drivers an important lesson about the dangers of drugged driving.

Woman drinking waterWoman drinking water

Can Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?

It’s no magic solution, but one study suggests people who drink more H2O eat less.