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Astronaut Scott KellyAstronaut Scott Kelly

Their Mission: Studying What Outer Space Does to the Body

Astronaut Scott Kelly and his brother are part of a one-of-a-kind twin study.

Healthy eating infographicHealthy eating infographic

Your Dinner Plate Could Be a Whole Lot Healthier

Step up your nutrition know-how with this expert advice.


A Shark-Spotting Drone Could See Jaws Before It Sees You

“The future of rescue” is being tested sky high over Australia’s coastline.


What to Know About “Super Lice”

Treatment-resistant lice have popped up in 25 states. Is yours one of them?

Tired guyTired guy

Drivers: You’re Sharing the Road with Speeding Zombies

A third of us are guilty of very drowsy driving, and half of drivers speed, a new survey reveals.

Tornado damageTornado damage

9 Ways to Prepare Your Property for Strong Winds or Tornadoes

Get your home ready now before a twist of fate makes it too late.

Bus seatsBus seats

Despite Fiery Reports, Discount Buses Are Relatively Safe

Fewer people die in bus accidents than car accidents each year.

Car accidentCar accident

Cameras In Cars Show Just How Dangerous Distracted Driving Really Is

Footage shows drivers were distracted seconds before a crash in more than two-thirds of cases.

3D-printed prosthetic3D-printed prosthetic

Surprising Things We Can (or Almost Can) 3D Print

Forget custom action figures of yourself. Soon, you could be able to print dentures or a new lung.

field pesticidesfield pesticides

Soon There May Be Less Glyphosate, aka Weed Killer, in Your Dinner

The FDA will start testing foods for this chemical, a possible carcinogen.

Pasta with parmesan cheesePasta with parmesan cheese

Cheese Lovers: There May Be Wood Pulp In Your Grated Parmesan

The FDA is cracking down — but will this “filler” ingredient hurt you?

Workplace cybersecurityWorkplace cybersecurity

Workplace Cybersecurity: 6 Ways to Protect Your Employer from Ransomware and Cyberattacks

Don’t let a dumb mistake bring down your company.

snowy mountains with swirling clouds snowy mountains with swirling clouds

What Is a Polar Vortex?

Plus, nine ways to stay safe in sub-zero temperatures.

Woman frustrated with scaleWoman frustrated with scale

Weight Loss Supplement Ads: Don’t Swallow the Claims

In scams flagged by the FTC, the only place you’ll lose weight is in your wallet.

Chicken in a grocery storeChicken in a grocery store

Your Chicken May Soon Be Less Likely to Contain Salmonella

New USDA standards for poultry aim to reduce foodborne illness in the U.S.