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The Drinkable BookThe Drinkable Book

For Clean Drinking Water, Take a Page Out of This Book

The latest scientific advance in clean water technology is brilliantly and surprisingly simple.

LED and CFL lightbulbsLED and CFL lightbulbs

Ask the Expert: LED and CFL Light Bulbs

Get the low-down on LED bulbs, find out how to clean up a broken CFL bulb and learn the truth about CFLs and dimmer switches.

Food poisoningFood poisoning

Botulism Outbreak Suspected in Ohio

One person is dead and more than 20 are sick after a church potluck lunch.

Baby with diapersBaby with diapers

The Top 5 Disposable Diaper Brands for the Environment

It’s time for some trash talk about diapers.

road rageroad rage

What to Do if You’re the Victim of Road Rage

How to keep a cool head in the face of aggression.

Doctor washing his handsDoctor washing his hands

Would You Ask Your Doctor If He Washed His Hands?

A new study finds most patients would ask this question, but medical professionals aren’t hot on the idea.

Spring cleaningSpring cleaning

30 Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

GoodGuide ranks the top 10 “green” kitchen, bathroom and floor cleaners.

"The Chokeables""The Chokeables"

Do You Know How to Save Your Child from Choking?

A new viral video starring “The Chokeables” is teaching parents this life-saving skill.

Auto mechanicAuto mechanic

Auto Industry Issues Record Number of Recalls in 2014

The New York Times says 1 in 5 vehicles on the road this year is affected by a recall.

sledding mom and sonsledding mom and son

7 Tips for Safer Sledding

How to keep the kids in one piece when the snow falls and the hill beckons