Ann Matturro Gault

Burning matchesBurning matches

How to Treat a Burn

Quick action can help relieve pain and prevent further injury.

heimlich maneuverheimlich maneuver

What to Do if You or Someone Else is Choking

Keep your cool, follow this advice, and you could save a life.

coffee on laptopcoffee on laptop

What to Do If You Drop Your Laptop or Dump Coffee on Your Keyboard

Expert advice on how to do computer damage control.

students on campusstudents on campus

Preventing Sexual Assault at College

How parents can help keep their college student stay safe from predators.

standing deskstanding desk

Thinking of Switching to a Standing Desk? Weigh the Pros and Cons First

Are you sitting down? You might want to stand up to hear what the experts have to say about the link sitting, cancer and heart disease!

dog parkdog park

How to Keep Your Pooch Safe at the Dog Park

A playground for pups – what could go wrong? Plenty.

teeth whiteningteeth whitening

What’s the Safest, Most Effective Way to Whiten Your Teeth?

You might be longing for pearlier whites, but don’t use a whitener before reading this.

hard waterhard water

Is Hard Water Helping or Hurting Your Health?

Hard water has been linked to strong bones and heart health, but some claim it can lead Alzheimer’s and infertility. Find out which claims are true.


The Skinny On Carbs: Are They Diet Friends or Foes?

Yes. it’s possible to eat carbs and still lose weight. Here, tips for identifying smart carbs that won't sabotage your waistline.

electric blanket safeyelectric blanket safey

Electric Blankets Are Cozy, But Are They Safe?

Learn the truth about the health risks, plus how to prevent burns, fire and shock.

dog bitesdog bites

How to Keep Your Child Safe from Dog Bites

Kids are the victims in 60 percent of all dog bites. Don’t let your child get bitten.

dog first aiddog first aid

Doggie First Aid Kit

Dog owners, be prepared with doggie first aid kit items, such as iodine and Benadryl, in case of an injured paw, bee sting or dog bite.

dog brushing teethdog brushing teeth

Are You Neglecting Your Dog's Teeth?

Why keeping your mutt’s mouth clean matters.

eyelash extensionseyelash extensions

Longing for Longer, Fuller Eyelashes?

Thinking about eyelash enhancement? Here’s the lowdown on what to expect from eyelash extensions and enhancers, and possible serious side effects.