Carolyn Marshall

fork lettucefork lettuce

Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Becomes an Obsession

How to recognize the problem and get help.

sick dogsick dog

6 Coping Strategies to Help You Survive the Death of Your Pet

Here's how to get the support and comfort you need.

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Plastic Microbeads: Is Your Toothpaste or Facial Scrub Hurting the Environment?

Just say no to these teeny, tiny spheres, experts advise.

Payday loan neon signPayday loan neon sign

Payday Loans: A Short-Term Fix That Can Turn Into a Long-Term Debt Trap

Triple-digit interest rates will likely drain your bank account.

Nearly every home is at high risk for flooding.Nearly every home is at high risk for flooding.

Think You Don't Need Flood Insurance? That's What I Thought

If I’d known enough to have flood insurance on my house in Florida’s “low risk” zone, I’d still own my home free and clear.