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shoes doormatshoes doormat

How Not To Bring Germs Home with You

From removing shoes at the front door to wiping paws, you can keep some nasty agents from hitching a ride inside.

woman back pain office chairwoman back pain office chair

5 Ergonomic Mistakes You Might Be Making at Work

Whether it’s hunching over your keyboard or putting your mouse in the wrong place, these blunders can hurt.

fish tank aquariumfish tank aquarium

6 Bizarre Diseases You Can Catch from Animals

Whether an animal sports fur, feathers, fins or scales, take precautions.

Berries spilling onto woodBerries spilling onto wood

Want to Cut Your Risk of 5 Major Killers? Eat Berries

Sometimes powerful medicine comes in sweet packages.

woman running down the roadwoman running down the road

Exercise Rx for Depression

Why — and how — to get moving, even when your mind and body say no.

clothespin socksclothespin socks

11 Easy Ways to Save Energy This Summer

How to chill out, eat well, tend your lawn and more while helping the planet.

soccer ball on artificial turfsoccer ball on artificial turf

Artificial Turf: Is Grass Really Greener — or Safer?

Players hate it, but scientists say it’s mostly harmless. Here's why you should still play it safe.

narcissistic bossnarcissistic boss

Do You Have a Narcissistic Boss?

Your boss is self-centered, demands admiration and exploits you. Here’s how to survive.

toddler girl upsettoddler girl upset

Toddler Sleep Deficits: 4 Reasons They're a Bigger Nightmare Than You Think

Toddler with too little sleep are more aggressive, anxious, depressed and prone to obesity.

toddler sleeping with beartoddler sleeping with bear

Toddler Sleep Training: Goodnight, Room

How to defuse bedtime power struggles to get your toddler to sleep.

water bottle beachwater bottle beach

Why You Should Break Your Bottled Water Habit

Tap water is just as safe — and it’s greener too.

Hand holding pillsHand holding pills

Surprising Risks of Over-The-Counter Pain Meds

What you need to know before popping another pill for that ache, pain or menstrual cramp.

Decompression chamber for scuba divers and others who need hyperbaric oxygen therapyDecompression chamber for scuba divers and others who need hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: What It Can and Can't Do

Pop-up clinics are touting HBOT treatment for autism, cancer and even Alzheimer's disease. Consumers beware.

Crying baby in cribCrying baby in crib

Solving the Sleepless Baby Nightmare

Baby won’t stop crying? Don’t lose your wits. Here’s what to do.

Sleeping pregnant womanSleeping pregnant woman

8 Ways to Get the Sleep You Need for a Healthy Pregnancy

Sleep deprivation boosts the chances of a premature baby or C-section. Here’s how to get the zzzz's you need.