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Dog wants to go for a walk.Dog wants to go for a walk.

The Right Way to Walk Your Dog

Keep a leash on the risks with these tips from experts.

cat playing with toycat playing with toy

Cat Toys: Which Ones Are Safest?

A frisky feline means cuteness overload for you and essential exercise for her — but not all cat toys are equally safe.

A pet lizardA pet lizard

The Truth About Salmonella and Your Pet

Some animals pose a risk of salmonella contamination to your family — here’s how to avoid it.

new catnew cat

Introducing a New Cat to Your Home

Here’s how to make the experience of bringing home a new feline family member the cat’s meow.

Two dogs wearing harnesses in a carTwo dogs wearing harnesses in a car

The Safe Way to Travel With Your Dog in the Car

Most pooches love car rides, but you may need to tweak your routine to keep your furry friend safe on the road.

A stray dogA stray dog

How to Rescue a Stray without Putting Yourself at Risk

Let your head guide your heart if you want to help a cat, dog or wild animal on the street.

Dog laying on a carpet.Dog laying on a carpet.

Clean Carpet, Healthy Pets: How to Have Both

Your four-legged friends and wall-to-wall carpets can live in fresh-smelling harmony with these safe-cleaning tips.