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Boy in Halloween half-maskBoy in Halloween half-mask

6 Ways to Keep Kids with Asthma Safe on Halloween

Don't let an asthma flare turn a fun night into a real fright.

Fresh local produceFresh local produce

Alternatives to the “USDA Organic” Label: How Much Do They Mean?

From “Certified Naturally Grown” to “Non-GMO,” how to decipher natural food claims.

Shopping for a Christmas treeShopping for a Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Buying Tips: How Fresh (and Safe) Is that Evergreen?

Whether fresh or fake, you want a tree that won't go up in flames.

Father and daughter with tissuesFather and daughter with tissues

Should You Test Your Home's Air Quality?

In many cases, your nose and a flashlight are just as effective as a testing kit.

Eco friendly labelEco friendly label

Greenwashing Scams: How Much Does That Eco-Friendly Label Really Mean?

It’s not easy being green — so some manufacturers fake it.

Basement windowBasement window

Would You Be Able to Get Out of Your Basement in the Event of a Fire?

Basement fires are among the most dangerous. Here are four ways to protect yourself.

Hair dryer plugHair dryer plug

What the Reset Button on Your Hair Dryer Is For and When to Use It

Just in case that hair dryer falls into a wet sink or tub…

Pedestrians crossing intersectionPedestrians crossing intersection

Distracted Walking: Your Phone and Intersections Don't Mix

"Digital deadwalkers" are tripping and falling down stairs.

Medical alert deviceMedical alert device

How to Choose a Medical Alert System

8 things to consider before you buy.

Driving in the desertDriving in the desert

Desert Driving Tips That Could Save Your Hide

You'll need more than a bottle of water to stay safe and beat the heat.

Car trunkCar trunk

10 Things to Keep in the Trunk of Your Car

If the only thing in your trunk is a spare tire, there’s a long road ahead to being fully prepared.

Driving on New Year's EveDriving on New Year's Eve

Road Safety: Practice Defensive Driving on New Year's Eve

8 ways to reduce your risk of ringing in the new year with a crash.


Asbestos: Were You Exposed Without Knowing It?

This cancer-causing microfiber may be closer than you think.

Cut Christmas treeCut Christmas tree

How to Put Up a Christmas Tree

Make sure you have the right spot, the right stand and right amount of water.

Decorating a Christmas treeDecorating a Christmas tree

Safety Tips for Trimming the Christmas Tree

Let there be ornaments and lights — and no injuries — this holiday.