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Flat tireFlat tire

What to Do if Your New Car Doesn't Come with a Spare Tire

Here's how to avoid being stranded if you get a flat.

Woman holding piggy bankWoman holding piggy bank

How to Plan For Retirement if You Don't Work

Even without a 401K, you can still get ready for your golden years.

Make more moneyMake more money

7 Money Moves To Make Before the End of the Year

It may not be tax season yet, but it pays to get a head start.

Affordable Care ActAffordable Care Act

Open Enrollment: How Obamacare Could Affect Your Wallet in 2016

What buying health insurance under the Affordable Care Act means for your budget next year.

Ice cutting on Sand Lake in South Dakota around 1938 Ice cutting on Sand Lake in South Dakota around 1938

6 Incredibly Dangerous Jobs from the Annals of History

Thank modern technology for doing these jobs so you don’t have to.

Fireproof safeFireproof safe

What You Should — and Shouldn't — Put in a Fireproof Safe

Some valuables are more secure at home than in the bank.

Money down the drainMoney down the drain

6 Money Habits That Will Drain Your Bank Account

Changing your financial ways could save you a pretty penny.


Why Trains Are More Dangerous to Pedestrians Than You Think

Hundreds of people die each year in preventable accidents.

Cost of car insuranceCost of car insurance

5 Things that Make Your Car Insurance Cost More (and 2 Surprising Things That Don’t)

It's not just how many tickets and fender-benders you've racked up.

Paying moneyPaying money

Why You Shouldn't Pay Your Nanny Under the Table

Playing by the rules protects you, your nanny — and your kids.

Woman living aloneWoman living alone

Live Alone? Single Parent? Keep Bad Guys and Burglars Away

You’re more likely to be victimized, so fight back.


Funeral Insurance: Do You Need It, or Is It a Ripoff?

Make sure you’re not sending your money to the great beyond.

Hand signaling stopHand signaling stop

How to Get a Restraining Order

4 things to know about filing for a temporary or permanent protective order.

Rollover accidentRollover accident

Rollovers: Are You at Risk for One of These Deadly Vehicle Accidents?

How to avoid a rollover and survive one if it happens.

Health care discount cardHealth care discount card

Do Health Care Discount Cards Really Save You Money?

How to tell if a card will give you real discounts or just another monthly bill.