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cars in a traffic jamcars in a traffic jam

Are Your Tires Dangerously Underinflated?

Most drivers don't know how to check their tire pressure and half don't know what their pressure should be.

lock security breachlock security breach

Data Hacking Victim? Why and How to Monitor Your Credit Reports

If you’ve been the victim of a cybersecurity breach, here's what to know and do.

puppy tug of warpuppy tug of war

How to Teach Your Dog Not to Bite

Concerned your canine friend might take a nip out of the neighbor? Sink your teeth into these tips.

Woman holding power drillWoman holding power drill

Power Drill Safety 101

Take these precautions when you’re holding all that power in the palm of your hand.

Bonfire on the beachBonfire on the beach

Bonfire Smarts: Do This, Not That

Don't flame out when it comes to safety.

Empty walletEmpty wallet

3 Times Declaring Bankruptcy Could Save Your Financial Life

If you can't pay off your debts, should you throw in the towel and start from scratch?

Baby carrierBaby carrier

Choosing the Best Baby Carrier for You And Your Baby

Frame style, soft style, slings — each can free your hands while keeping baby safe, if you use it right.

Past due debtPast due debt

Protecting Yourself from Predatory Debt Collectors

It's not a crime to owe money. Know your rights when it comes to unethical creditors.

Nail polish removerNail polish remover

8 Flammable Liquids Lying Around Your House

Did you know these common household items could cause a fire?

Urban gardenUrban garden

Urban Gardeners: Are You Growing Produce in Contaminated Soil?

How to prevent toxic chemicals and metals from seeping into your fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Fresh airFresh air

Why You Probably Don't Need an Air Purifier

Using a machine to clean the air in your home won't necessarily improve your health — but it might waste your money.


Is Your Vacuum Cleaner Bad for Your Health?

Your vacuum may be sucking up dust, pollen and fungus particles — and spewing them right back into the air.

Car driving fastCar driving fast

What To Do If Your Brakes Fail

Don't panic! But do learn these tips ahead of time

Kitchen sink garbage disposalKitchen sink garbage disposal

Don’t Let Your Garbage Disposal Grind Your Day to a Halt

Take these precautions before putting your hand down that kitchen sink disposal.

Money and passportMoney and passport

6 Steps for Managing Your Money While Overseas

From changing money to getting emergency cash, how to protect your funds in a foreign country.