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Woman sitting with a therapistWoman sitting with a therapist

4 Ways to Find Affordable Mental Health Care

Don’t let health insurance issues or lack of funds keep you from getting the treatment you need.

Student loansStudent loans

Thinking of Taking Out a Student Loan? Buyer Beware

If you plan to borrow money to finance college, play it smart and look before you leap.

Used car salesmanUsed car salesman

How to Buy a Safe Used Car

Before you write that check, read these tips to avoid driving off the lot with a lemon.

Man hiking in winterMan hiking in winter

Safer Winter Hiking

Enjoy a backcountry trip through snow and ice — just know how to return home safely.

cleaning lint filtercleaning lint filter

8 Innocent-Seeming Habits that Put Your Home at Risk

If you wrap the cord around your iron too tight or fail to clean the lint from your dryer filter, look out for trouble.

Cellphone addictionCellphone addiction

How to Break Your Cellphone Addiction

Does the thought of being without your phone make you agitated? Fight back against nomophobia.

Flat tireFlat tire

How to Change a Flat Tire

You may think you know, but are you sure? Practice it now, before you’re stuck on the side of the road.

Chicken poxChicken pox

6 Things Adults Should Know About Chickenpox and Shingles

Chickenpox and its viral cousin, shingles, are actually more dangerous to adults and teens than to most children. Lean how to protect yourself.

Electric space heaterElectric space heater

How to Use a Space Heater without Causing a Fire

Those portable heaters may be convenient for warming up a chilly room, but they’re hazardous, too.

Camping in a tent in the winterCamping in a tent in the winter

Tips for Warm and Safe Winter Camping

How to enjoy a winter wonderland — and make it home without incident.

Wrist painWrist pain

How to Set Up a Feel-Good Office

Use simple ergonomics to organize a computer and desk area that doesn't hurt your body.