Deborah Skolnik

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Dumbest Things People Do in Airports

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11 Ways to Soundproof Your Bedroom

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Hair Tourniquets: What Every New Parent Should Know

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Is Your Messy Kitchen Making You Fat?

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Monster Truck Shows: 7 Ways to Keep Kids Safe

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Weird (and Dangerous?) Emotional Support Animals

A dog as therapy pet is one thing — a turkey or snake is another.

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How to Avoid Ski Lift Accidents

Most chairlift mishaps happen when skiers are careless. Learn how to ride safely.

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Quiz: Do You Know How to Keep Your Baby Warm and Safe this Winter?

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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Halloween Candy?

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Take a Load Off Your Child: 11 Ways to Lighten His Backpack Burden

Let schoolwork be the heavy lifting.

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How Should You Put Your Infant into a Shopping Cart?

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How to Prevent Dementia Patients from Wandering

Tricks and strategies for keeping your loved one safely planted.

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Is Your Baby Missing These Milestones?

If your little one doesn’t learn these skills on schedule, talk to his doctor.

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Gulp! Your Kid May Be Dehydrated

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The Best Nuts for Your Health

They're delicious, but not all equally nutritious