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family brushing teethfamily brushing teeth

Oral Exam: How Much Do You Know About Dental Health?

There’s more to a pretty smile (and healthy mouth) than a twice-daily scrub with a toothbrush.

bikini hanging outsidebikini hanging outside

The Bare Truth About Brazilian Bikini Waxes

They aren’t always safe, so don’t take it all off until you read this.

boy on bunk bedboy on bunk bed

Parents: How to Prevent Bunk Bed Accidents

Taking simple precautions can help you rest easy while your child snoozes on a bunk bed.

dad and kid brushing teethdad and kid brushing teeth

5 Healthy Hygiene Habits Your Child Needs to Learn

Even young kids can master simple self-care practices — with a little help from Mom and Dad.

Kid with sunscreen on his backKid with sunscreen on his back

Kids and Sunscreen: The Latest Advice

What the new rules are, and why

toy sheep on steering wheeltoy sheep on steering wheel

Steer Clear of a Hot Car Tragedy

Each year, some good parents make a horrible mistake and leave their child in a hot car by accident. Don't be one.

kid picking nosekid picking nose

Kids’ Grossest Habits and How to Stop Them

From nose picking to nail biting to hair chewing, ways to help a child kick nasty behaviors.

kids with backpackskids with backpacks

Heavy Backpacks: A Health Risk Too Many Kids Carry

An overstuffed backpack can lead to back pain, headaches and more. Here are smart ways to help your kid take a load off.

angry doctorangry doctor

7 Signs It’s Time to Dump Your Doctor

If you aren’t getting the health care you need and deserve, it may be time to move on.

shocked admissions counselorshocked admissions counselor

Applying To College? Clean Up Your Social Media Act

Don’t let a compromising photo or unfortunate post get your application rejected.

girl being bulliedgirl being bullied

Help Your Daughter Deal With Mean Girls

Experts offer simple strategies for getting female bullies to back off.