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grandpa granddaughter readinggrandpa granddaughter reading

Make Your House Safe for Visiting Seniors

Give older guests the VIP treatment by ridding your home of tripping hazards and other dangers.


Harvesting the Health Benefits of Garlic

A half clove a day can keep the doctor — and Dracula — away.

sweetgum treesweetgum tree

Trees You May Not Want in Your Yard

Think twice before planting pretty trees that also may be hazardous to your health or yard.

sick athlete mansick athlete man

Exercising While Sick: When Is it Okay?

It depends on your symptoms, the chances you'll make someone else sick and above all, your gut feelings.

burning incenseburning incense

Is Burning Incense Bad for Your Health?

If you use incense a lot, you may want to cut back.

close-up of eyeclose-up of eye

Which Laser Eye Surgery Is Right For You?

Find out which options are best for which people.

loneliness conceptloneliness concept

Is Loneliness the New Obesity?

Feeling alone may be as bad for your health as obesity, smoking and alcoholism.


5 Times Acupuncture Can Help Cure What Ails You

Neck pain? Fibromyalgia? Migraines? Find out what the science says.

tomatoes in gardentomatoes in garden

When to Harvest the Vegetables in Your Garden

Time it right for peak nutrition and food safety.

dog on railroad tracks dog on railroad tracks

Why You Need an Emergency Plan For Your Pet

In a disaster, your animal companions will need to rely on you to keep them safe. Are you prepared?

fresh herbs hangingfresh herbs hanging

6 Fresh Herbs for Better Health

Certain herbs can relax blood vessels, fight bacteria and even protect against cancer.

olive oil in carafeolive oil in carafe

Is Olive Oil Really King?

It’s healthy and versatile, but it does have some competition in the kitchen.

American dog tickAmerican dog tick

The Other Tick-Borne Diseases You Need to Beware

Lyme disease isn’t the only nasty tick-borne disease around. Watch for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and others.

bee flowerbee flower

How to Treat Bee Stings and Fire Ant Bites

A close encounter with a stinging insect can be painful — or worse. Here’s the buzz about treating and avoiding stings and bites.

dog scratchingdog scratching

What to Do If Your Pet Has Fleas

This arsenal of flea fighters should take care of what’s bugging you both.