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green tea baggreen tea bag

How to Treat Bug Bites

With mosquitoes and summer flies out in full force, you’ll want to know how to relieve itching fast if you get bitten.

volcano eruptingvolcano erupting

Don’t Be So Prickly! 6 Ways to Treat Heat Rash

Learn what to do when high temps leave skin red, itchy or worse.

sunglasses in the sandsunglasses in the sand

How to Choose the Best Type of Sunglasses

Follow these guidelines for protecting your peepers from ultraviolet rays and you’ll be made in the shade.

woman with sunburnwoman with sunburn

The 9 Best Ways to Treat a Sunburn

These smart do-it-yourself treatments can help ease the pain and even save your skin.

coconut oilcoconut oil

Does Oil Pulling for Healthy Teeth Really Work?

This centuries-old dental treatment is the latest trend. How it works may surprise you.

fish marketfish market

How to Choose Safe, Sustainable Fish

There are lots of fish in the sea, but that doesn’t mean we should eat them all.

sick pupsick pup

Yes, Your Dog Can Get the Flu

Get the flu facts every pooch parent needs to know.

older couple jumpingolder couple jumping

Outsmart Osteoporosis: Bone Up Without Drugs

Two surprising moves that science says can boost your bone mass.

golden retriever in rollersgolden retriever in rollers

Is Your Dog Safe at the Groomer?

If the place you take your pooch doesn’t follow basic safety practices, he could be in for doggoned trouble.

Mouth examMouth exam

Open Wide! What Your Mouth Is Telling You About Your Health

5 ways your tongue, teeth and gums can clue you — and your dentist — in to serious health problems.

bad posturebad posture

Hunch Much? You Could Have Upper Crossed Syndrome

Those chronic headaches, neck pain and back problems may be caused by something you’re doing wrong — but can easily fix.

dog fooddog food

Is Your Dog’s Food Making Him Sick?

Toxins in pet food have led to many recalls and lawsuits in recent years. Here’s how to make sure your canine’s kibble is safe — for both of you.

back painback pain

To Avoid Back Pain, Read This Before You Lift That

New research finds acute back pain is often easily avoidable by keeping some simple strategies in mind.

maid cleaningmaid cleaning

6 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Just because your home appears to be squeaky clean doesn’t mean it is

texting acronymstexting acronyms

25 Texting Acronyms Every Parent Should Know

Warning: Some of the texts your kid is sending may not make you LOL.