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dish toweldish towel

How Often Should You Wash Your Kitchen Towel?

Get ready to be surprised: Germ experts weigh in on how often you should throw in (the laundry) the (dirty) towel.

sick dog at vetsick dog at vet

When To Take a Sick Pet to the Vet

A dog or cat who’s ailing can’t tell you where it hurts, so it’s up to you know the signs of a serious illness.

giving dog pillgiving dog pill

8 Tricks For Giving Medicine To A Dog Or Cat

You’d think an animal who’ll eat out of a trash can would be happy to swallow a pill, but giving a pet medicine requires some finesse.

little girl eating fast foodlittle girl eating fast food

Is Fast Food Hurting Your Child’s Report Card?

Too much fast food can cheat kids out of brain-boosting nutrition and affect their grades. But there are ways to include it in a healthy diet.