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electric car chargingelectric car charging

8 Tips to Extend Your Electric Vehicle’s Range in Winter

You may run out of charge a lot faster in cold weather. Here’s what to do about it.


Yet Another Good Reason to Give Up Soda

Too many sugary drinks may increase deep belly fat that undermines your metabolism.

fogged windshieldfogged windshield

How to Defog Your Car's Windshield

It's a simple as the press of a button (or two).

safe trade stationsafe trade station

Buying or Selling Online? A Safe Zone Could Be the Place to Exchange Cash

A public place isn’t safe enough, but an Internet transaction safety zone is.

mom baby playingmom baby playing

Moms of Babies: Put Down that Cellphone

Too much texting and talking on your part could be bad for junior’s brain.

ice caps global warmingice caps global warming

Has Our Wear and Tear on the Planet Pushed It Into a New Epoch?

A new assessment by two dozen leading scientists declares that it has.

pizza box deliverpizza box deliver

Pizza and Takeout Boxes Are about to Get a Health Makeover

The FDA will ban chemicals used in cardboard food packaging that could be bad for you.

donut sad facedonut sad face

New U.S. Dietary Guidelines: Cut Down — Way Down — on Sugar

The report also recommends more fruits and veggies, regular exercise and cutbacks in salt, trans fat and saturated fat.

civil war cannoncivil war cannon

The Civil War’s Legacy Could Live On in Southern People’s Hearts — Literally

Post-war poverty may be in part to blame for a high rate of heart disease today

CDC map showing Zika distribution worldwideCDC map showing Zika distribution worldwide

Zika Disease: Another Way Global Warming Could Make You Sick

This tropical illness, linked to birth defects and autoimmune disease, is moving toward the US.

woman allergies winterwoman allergies winter

Mold Allergies on the Rise Due To Climate Change

Warm spells in the winter and bigger storms are contributing to mold growth, experts say.

used car salesused car sales

Buying a Used Car? Watch Out: It May Be on a Safety Recall List

Avoid leaving the lot with a vehicle that needs fixes.

washing cutting boardwashing cutting board

E. Coli 101: How to Recognize E. Coli Symptoms, and How to Avoid Them

Some simple steps can help protect against the virulent strains of this gut-living bacteria.

hand hearthand heart

What Do Dating Apps and Organ Donations Have in Common?

In the UK, the government has paired up with Tinder to increase signups. Here’s how you can become a donor.

small plants handssmall plants hands

To Fight Climate Change, Plant a Tree

Paris climate change delegates have made reforestation a goal, and you can help.