Greg Breining

Mohave desertMohave desert

Valley Fever: The West’s “Silent Epidemic”

How to spot, prevent and get treated for one of the most frightening diseases you’ve never heard of.

global warming conceptglobal warming concept

6 Ways Climate Change May Affect Your Health

Learn what's coming and how you can keep yourself and loved ones safe.

white speedboatwhite speedboat

Boating Safety: Could You Pass The U.S. Coast Guard Test?

Studying up could save your life or the life of your passengers.

pomegranate raw saladpomegranate raw salad

Raw Food Diets: Real Deal or Raw Deal?

Some celebs swear by them, but one nutrition expert explains why cooked may be king.


Kayaking Safety: How Not to Find Yourself Up the Proverbial Creek

Learning some essentials will help keep you out of trouble.

waves crashing beachwaves crashing beach

Ocean Smarts: How to Protect Yourself at the Beach

How to have fun while avoiding sand collapses, dangerous surf and more.

ocean waveocean wave

How to Survive a Rip Current

Three key pieces of advice are all you need to remember.

lifesaver poollifesaver pool

Silent Drowning: How to Spot the Signs and Save a Life

People don’t drown the way they do in Hollywood.

kayaking in the lakekayaking in the lake

A Day at the Lake? Avoid an Ocean of Trouble

Before you or your kids go jump in the lake (or boat on it), get clear on the dangers of murky waters.

man snorkeling in reefman snorkeling in reef

Snorkeling Safety 101

How to explore beautiful reefs and swim with the fishes without getting into trouble.

Lightning strike in a dark blue skyLightning strike in a dark blue sky

Lightning Safety: What to Do During a Storm

How to avoid getting zapped, no matter where you are.

Mountain lion getting closerMountain lion getting closer

What To Do If You Encounter a Mountain Lion

Don't run from a cougar, and whatever you do, don't play dead.