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appliances on hand trucksappliances on hand trucks

How to Get Rid of Old Appliances

Help save the planet — you might even make some money in the process.

baby pressing buttonbaby pressing button

The Quantified Baby: How Safe Are Wearable Devices?

Before you track your little one’s every breath and move, find out what the safety experts say about wearables for babies.

lightbulb with handlightbulb with hand

Not Too Bright: Are You Using the Wrong Light Bulb for That Lamp?

Screw in the wrong bulb and you could be screwed.

Online bankingOnline banking

6 Tips for Safer Online Banking

Savvy ways to make sure your digital financial info stays secure.

social media accountsocial media account

What Happens to Your Facebook Account After You Die?

You can now appoint a legacy contact, and here’s why it makes sense.

hacked emailhacked email

Your Email Got Hacked — Now What?

5 things you need to do right away to stem the damage.

Secure smartphoneSecure smartphone

How to Keep Apps from Learning Too Much About You

When a smartphone app asks for access to your contacts, photos or location, when is it OK to grant access, and how can you adjust your privacy settings?

Credit cardCredit card

Coming Soon: More Secure Credit Cards

Magnetic stripe cards are going away, to be replaced by a new technology that card issuers and retailers hope will lower the risk of fraud.

parental control settingsparental control settings

How to Set Parental Controls On Your Smart TV

Caution: Your TV contains sexual and violent content you don’t want your kid to see.

home internethome internet

How to Lock Down Your Home Internet

Are your computers and devices safe from intruders and malware? Here’s how to make the right security choices when setting up your home network.

A bank vaultA bank vault

Are Your Investments Insured? Understanding the SIPC

If your investment manager goes under, you can recover money — but don’t confuse that protection with the FDIC.

crash test carcrash test car

How to Research Crash Test Data

Find and decipher the info that will help you choose a safe car

using free wi-fiusing free wi-fi

​The High Price of Using Free Wi-Fi

Your risk of being hacked goes way up when you use free Wi-Fi. Install a virtual private network (VPN) on your mobile devices to be safe.

A couple meets with a financial advisor. A couple meets with a financial advisor.

Does Your Financial Advisor Have Your Best Interest In Mind?

How to tell a fiduciary from a broker or planner, and why it matters.

Man using FacebookMan using Facebook

What Facebook’s Latest Privacy Change Means to You

Do you understand what "public" means and how to change your privacy settings? Here are the answers.