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couple worried moneycouple worried money

Have A Mortgage? Avoid These Scams

Scams range from hijacking your mortgage payments to stealing your house.

worried elderly womanworried elderly woman

Three Popular Scams Against Seniors to Beware

Advice from the FBI on how to recognize and avoid these rackets.

money housemoney house

How to Avoid a Reverse-Mortgage Scam

Deceptive ads and out-and-out fraud often lead to financial trouble.

sun sofasun sofa

Save Your Home from Costly Sun Damage

You can’t slather SPF-30 on your sofa, but you can protect it and other possessions from harsh sunlight.

beach timesharebeach timeshare

Considering Buying a Timeshare? Think Twice

You almost certainly won’t get all of your money back when you sell — if you can even find a buyer.

Donate Charity BoxDonate Charity Box

How to Tell if a Charity Is Legit

Don’t be scammed by “charities” designed to make themselves rich.

mover with clipboard in front of familymover with clipboard in front of family

3 Big Moving Scams to Avoid

Don’t let an unscrupulous mover take you for a ride (or ride off with your belongings).

career signcareer sign

The Most (and Least) Dangerous Jobs in the US

Some jobs are far more hazardous to your health than others, but not always the ones you might think.

dog with umbrella and rain bootsdog with umbrella and rain boots

How to Provide for Your Pet After You Die

By creating a pet trust or providing for him in your will, you can make sure he'll be cared for.

car in front of mountains car in front of mountains

Rent a Car, Not a Calamity, This Vacation

Choosing the right rental car can put you on the road to a safer trip.

senior couple being scammed senior couple being scammed

Protecting Mom or Dad from Financial Abuse

Fight back against scammers and “friends” who prey on elders and try to drain their savings.

orange phone receiver orange phone receiver

Fight Back Against Robocalls

Show those annoying telemarketers and scam artists that you’ve got their number.

piggy bank and housepiggy bank and house

Safest and Riskiest Mortgages

Choose wisely, and decide how much debt you can really afford.

tax returntax return

5 Smart Things to Do With Your Tax Refund

While it’s temping to splurge on something, here’s where the experts say are the best places to put the money.

Writing a checkWriting a check

5 Ways to Pay Less in Taxes Next Year

Simple changes now can help you keep more of your income and escape a big tax bill later.