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Elderly man in wheelchair with aide Elderly man in wheelchair with aide

Long-Term Care Insurance: Should You Buy, and When?

Most of us who live long enough will need help with everyday activities someday — but only some of us should buy insurance to pay for it.

man holding boxman holding box

Survive Unemployment without Going Broke

Being out of work isn’t easy, but there are ways to cushion the financial blow.

mature man at workmature man at work

Protecting Your Job When You're 50-Plus

Even with the employment market looking up, this is no time to let your guard down.

waitress with money on a traywaitress with money on a tray

The Best—and Worst—Ways to Get Your Paycheck

Payroll cards are trending in some industries, but are they as safe as checks or direct deposit?

hiding money in bookhiding money in book

4 Places to Stash Cash in Your Home — and 4 Places Not To

“Burglars will flip the bed over almost every time.” And they know to look in the freezer. Stash your cash in one of these spots instead.

college savingscollege savings

How Much Money Should I Save for College?

College is more expensive than ever. Here are seven ways to make it more affordable.

Asian girl holding moneyAsian girl holding money

What To Teach Your Kids About Money

Some early lessons on saving and spending can put children on the path to a secure financial future.

retirement resizeretirement resize

Quiz: Test Your Retirement Savings Savvy

Will you be ready to retire when the day finally comes? See how much you know about planning for your retirement.

Dice showing credit scoresDice showing credit scores

5 Smart Ways to Protect Your Credit Score

Your credit score can affect everything from how much interest you pay on your credit cards to whether an employer will hire you. Here’s how to safeguard it.

woman managing billswoman managing bills

7 Costly Money Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Smart and easy ways to manage your finances, save more money and invest more effectively.

preparing a will preparing a will

​Do You Have a Will?

A will can protect your loved ones after you die. But more than half of adult Americans don’t have a will. Here’s the latest advice for creating a will.

piggy bankpiggy bank

How to Create a Rainy-Day Fund

Think you can't afford to save? Here are tips from experts on how to start growing an emergency fund now.

storage containerstorage container

5 Ways to Keep Your Stuff in Storage Safe

What to look for in a storage facility and how to make sure you are properly insured.

damaged homedamaged home

Why Your Home Might Be Dangerously Underinsured

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to find out if your home and possessions are adequately covered.

401k sign401k sign

5 Ways to Protect Your 401(k) — Including from Yourself

If you’re counting on your 401(k) for retirement, follow this advice for corporate theft to early withdrawals to make sure the money is there waiting.