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processed foodsprocessed foods

Processed Foods the Biggest Chunk of Calories in U.S. Groceries

These items tend to have more fat, sugar and salt than unprocessed foods, researchers say.

woman eating saladwoman eating salad

Could a Diet Help Shield You From Alzheimer's?

Scientists say the MIND eating plan significantly reduces risk of the brain disorder.

doctor looking at MRIdoctor looking at MRI

Malpractice Fears Spurring Most ER Docs to Order Unnecessary Tests

Study found 97 percent said they had patients undergo procedures that weren't medically needed.

running shoesrunning shoes

Should Older Runners Embrace the 'Barefoot' Craze?

People over 30 may take more time to safely adjust to 'minimalist' shoes

older man talking to doctorolder man talking to doctor

Many With Alzheimer's Aren't Told of Diagnosis by Doctor

Researchers found patients were more likely to be informed only after their disease had advanced.

eating healthy luncheating healthy lunch

Chef's Input in Cafeterias Leads Students to Eat More Healthy Foods

Students chose more veggies, fruits after cafeterias got professional consultation.

Overweight womanOverweight woman

Obesity Raises Women's Cancer Risk by 40 Percent, Study Finds

British researchers stress that losing excess weight lowers the odds again, however.

child with migrainechild with migraine

Could Your Child Have Migraines?

Symptoms can include nausea, abdominal pain, experts say.

diet sodadiet soda

Diet Sodas Linked to Widening Waistlines in Seniors

But it's not clear whether the noncaloric drinks are a direct cause, experts say.


Study Questions Accuracy of Many Breast Cancer Biopsies

Abnormal cells are misidentified in one-fourth of cases, research suggests.

folic acidfolic acid

Folic Acid May Help Ward Off Stroke in People With High Blood Pressure

Chinese study found significantly lower rates in those who got an extra supply of the nutrient.


Salt May Be Bad for More Than Your Blood Pressure

Study found damage to organs and tissues, even with no sign of hypertension.

MRI scanMRI scan

Excessive Use of Medical Scans Varies By Region

Study finds doctors tend to order more imaging technologies in the Northeast.

pregnant womanpregnant woman

Many Women Gain Too Much Weight While Pregnant

This increases risks for baby and mother, experts say.

vegetarian dishvegetarian dish

Good News for Vegetarians: You May Have a Lower Risk of Colon Cancer

Your risk of colorectal cancer may be cut by 20 percent if you follow a vegetarian diet.