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weight lossweight loss

Could the 'Love Hormone' Be a Weight-Loss Aid for Men?

Stud shows oxytocin may reduce appetite in men, which could turn it into a tool for weight loss.

woman having chest painswoman having chest pains

Women Take Longer to Reach Hospital After Heart Attack

This delay in getting to the hospital may explain why women are more likely to die than men.


Statins Linked to Raised Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Study found cholesterol-lowering statin drugs were associated with an almost 50 percent higher risk of developing diabetes.

woman taking acetaminophenwoman taking acetaminophen

Does Long-Term Acetaminophen Use Raise Health Risks?

Report shows acetaminophen may not be as safe as previously thought.


Love Coffee? Your Heart May, Too

Study shows drinking three to five cups of coffee a day may reduce risk of developing clogged arteries.

baby at doctor officebaby at doctor office

Doctors Often Yield to Parents' Requests to Delay Kids' Vaccines

But most believe it puts children at risk, study finds.

clogged arteriesclogged arteries

Poor Response to Statins May Mean Clogged Arteries

Twenty percent of people with heart disease don't respond to cholesterol-lowering statins, which may mean trouble for their arteries.

adhd letters on bulletin boardadhd letters on bulletin board

ADHD May Raise Odds for Premature Death

People with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are more than twice as likely to die prematurely than those without the disorder.

girl eating hamburgergirl eating hamburger

Could a Bad Night's Sleep Make You Eat More Fatty Food?

Study shows a poor night's sleep can lead to a shift in brain activity sparking a desire to consume more fat the next day.

peanut butterpeanut butter

Exposing Babies to Peanuts May Help Curb Allergy Risk

Researchers say giving small amounts of peanuts to young children with peanut allergies may reduce the risk of developing the allergy by 80 percent.

washing disheswashing dishes

Could a Dishwasher Raise Your Child's Allergy, Asthma Risk?

Opting to hand wash dishes rather than use the dishwasher may reduce children's risk of developing allergic conditions.

frozen thermometerfrozen thermometer

More Americans Dying From Hypothermia, CDC Says

Doctor offers tips to avoid dangerous drops in body temperatures during cold winter months.

man having consultationman having consultation

Are Too Many Prostate Cancer Patients Receiving Treatment?

Research suggests a wait-and-watch approach isn't being used enough when it comes to prostate cancer.

toddler nappingtoddler napping

Attention Parents: Toddlers May Not Need Naps

Enforcing naps for preschoolers ends up leading to less sleep overall.

senior couple on bikessenior couple on bikes

Even a Little Exercise Helps Women's Hearts

A few sweat-inducing workouts per week are enough to cut health risks associated with women's hearts.