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pediatrician child parentpediatrician child parent

U.S. Pediatricians to Add Poverty to Well-Visit Checklist

One simple question might help families avert serious health risks, American Academy of Pediatrics says.

3D printing3D printing

3D Printing of Complex Human Tissue Moves Forward

Scientists say they created tissue with blood vessels that survived for weeks in lab.

jeans waist linejeans waist line

Body Fat May Be Bigger Health Danger Than Body Size

Study finds fat levels a better indicator of early death than commonly used BMI measure.

football boyfootball boy

Loose-Fitting Football Helmets Tied to Worse Concussions in Teens

High schools should have athletic trainers check players' head gear for proper fit, doctor says.

pregnant woman doctorpregnant woman doctor

Inducing Labor May Not Boost C-Section Risk

Study also found that prompting delivery in 39th week did not affect health of baby or mother.

woman multiple moleswoman multiple moles

Study Questions Link Between Multiple Moles, Risk for Melanoma

Research suggests people with many of the blemishes not necessarily at higher risk for the cancer.

green teagreen tea

A Daily Cup of Tea May Soothe Your Heart

Regular drinkers had fewer heart attacks, less calcium buildup in their arteries, study finds

lawn mowerlawn mower

Lawn Mowers Can Cause Severe Injuries to Kids

Study found that more than half of accidents required amputation.

kid being bulliedkid being bullied

Cyberbullying and Violence Linked to PTSD in Teens

Researcher says post-traumatic stress is underreported and undertreated in this age group.

lyme ticklyme tick

Lyme Disease "Biofilm" Eludes Antibiotics

Germ forms slimy layer that makes it up to 1,000 times more resistant than other bacteria, researchers say.

teenage girl vaccineteenage girl vaccine

Vaccine Has Cut HPV Infection Rate in Teen Girls by Two-Thirds

Still, too few girls and boys getting vaccinated, researchers say.


Fatal Overdoses Rising From Sedatives

When combined with narcotics, these drugs can be lethal, researcher says

confused woman hospitalconfused woman hospital

Study Sees Possible Link Between Antibiotics and Delirium in Patients

Temporary confusion often caused by drugs, including common antimicrobials, research suggests.

college student studyingcollege student studying

More College Students Misusing ADHD Med as Study Aid

Nonmedical use of Adderall and ER visits are up, study says.

milk being poured into glassmilk being poured into glass

Study Finds Organic Milk and Meat Have Higher Nutrient Levels

Research suggests these products have more omega-3s and other healthy fatty acids.