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7 Positive Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee

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Are Your Kid’s Shoes Ruining Her Feet?

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Can't Sleep? 9 Surprising Things that Can Keep You Awake

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Is It OK to Clean Your Ears With a Q-Tip?

It may seem custom-made for the job, but here's why a cotton swab is the last thing you should stick in your ear.

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Tail Docking and Ear Cropping: Should Your Dog Have "Cosmetic Surgery?"

Some surgeries are simply cruel, say animal advocates.

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Pregnant? What to Know Before Hiring a Doula

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Is Snow Ice Cream Safe to Eat?

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5 Mildly Mean Things People Do to Their Cats (and Why You Shouldn't)

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How to Have a Sane, Tear-Free Visit to Santa

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How to Crate Train Your Dog — and Why You Should

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What Is Xanthan Gum (and Why Is It in My Food)?

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9 Common Foods a Toddler Can Choke On

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Baby Teeth: How to Care For Those Tiny Chompers

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How to Recognize Dementia in Dogs

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How Often Should I Wash, Replace or Clean That?

From washing your sheets to changing your smoke alarm batteries, there's a time for everything.