Kathleen Doheny

woman sneezingwoman sneezing

9 Habits That Make Seasonal Allergies Worse

Wearing contacts, stressing too much — do any of these sound familiar?

colon illustrationcolon illustration

Can a Home DNA Stool Test Replace a Colonoscopy?

There's no scope and no prep necessary — so is it too good to be true?

honey combhoney comb

5 Things Honey Can or Can't Do for Your Health

Humans have used honey to treat health problems since the Stone Ages, but which benefits are for real?

medical recordsmedical records

How and Why to Access Your Medical Records

You are legally entitled to these records, so ask for them.

sleepy woman worksleepy woman work

You're Probably Wrong about How Much You Sleep

Research shows many of us over- or underestimate our ZZZs.

jimmy carterjimmy carter

What “Cured” Jimmy Carter?

Carter’s cancer, which had spread to his brain, appears to be in remission. One costly drug gets most of the credit.

runner ankle painrunner ankle pain

Could a Gait Analysis Protect Your Joints?

You may feel okay when you run, but a gait analysis can find form problems that up your injury risk.

daylights savingsdaylights savings

4 Surprising Risks of Daylight Savings Time

Springing forward may be bad for your health.

hairy hairbrushhairy hairbrush

How Often Should You Replace Your Hairbrush?

The number of germs on your brush is hair-raising.

researcher testing the water qualityresearcher testing the water quality

Four "Ubiquitous" Cancer-Causing Chemicals to Avoid

According to the National Cancer Institute, each of these is common and worth staying away from.

public bathroom signpublic bathroom sign

Germs You Can Get from a Public Toilet

What's worth worrying about, what isn’t and how to protect yourself.

colorful cerealcolorful cereal

Do Food Dyes Contribute to Behavior Problems in Kids?

Some experts say yes, but the FDA isn’t convinced.

cans flavored seltzercans flavored seltzer

Is Seltzer Bad for You?

Flavored seltzers may be doing a number on your teeth.

mosquitoes on hat mosquitoes on hat

6 Mosquito-Borne Diseases that Aren't Zika Virus

Mosquitoes can transmit many diseases, but good prevention habits can help save you from misery.

Doctor with stethoscopeDoctor with stethoscope

10 Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Not all lumps, persistent headaches or back pains are cancer — but it pays to pay attention.