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diabetes needlediabetes needle

Diabulimia: How to Recognize the Signs of This Diabetes-Related Eating Disorder

It’s surprisingly common among women and girls with type 1 diabetes, and it’s very dangerous.

girl sick bedgirl sick bed

Wet Coughs, Dry Coughs, Constant Coughs: When Your Child Should See a Doctor

One pediatrician/ER doc offers useful advice.

family epi penfamily epi pen

Do You Know How to Use an EpiPen?

Researchers found that most people who use them get at least one step wrong, and that could spell disaster.

doctor clinical trial patientdoctor clinical trial patient

Pros and Cons of Joining a Clinical Trial

These trials can offer important benefits, but a recent disastrous outcome underscores the potential dangers.

little girl inhalerlittle girl inhaler

Asthma Attacks: Is It Ever OK To Share an Asthma Inhaler?

Sharing may be against the rules, but can it save a life? And what other options are there?

placing electrodesplacing electrodes

AEDS: Would You Know How to Use One?

Automated external defibrillators are common. Here's what you need to know so you can come to the rescue.

football helmetfootball helmet

CTE: What to Know About Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

The degenerative brain disorder is linked with repeated concussions and other blows to the head, scientists say.

teenager yawningteenager yawning

Drowsy Driving: How to Help Your Teen Driver Avoid It

Young drivers are especially vulnerable to falling asleep at the wheel. Here's how parents can help.


5 Bedtime Snacks That Could Coax You to Sleep

Munch or sip one of these for ZZZs.

woman no appetitewoman no appetite

6 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's That Don't Involve Memory Problems

Watch out for inappropriate laughter, loss of smell and more.


What Are the Latest Mammogram Guidelines Again?

When different organizations make different recommendations, it gets confusing. Here's what you need to know.

fridge full of foodfridge full of food

5 Strange Food Cures that Really May Work

Depending on what's ailing you, relief may be as close as your refrigerator or pantry.

woman drinking OJwoman drinking OJ

How to Boost Your Immune System: What Really Works

7 simple lifestyle measures to ward off everything from colds to cancer.

baby kittenbaby kitten

Allergy Proof Your Kids — Not Your House

The best way to protect a child from allergies may be what sounds like the worst way

pouring red winepouring red wine

Is There Arsenic in Your Wine?

One scientist found arsenic levels higher than what's allowed in drinking water.