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coffee latte artcoffee latte art

What’s Your Coffee IQ?

See how much you really know about your good friend joe.

Library bookLibrary book

How Dirty Is That Library Book?

That copy of "50 Shades of Grey" may be 50 shades of gross. But can it actually make you sick?

brown rats brown rats

"Black Plague" Facts and Symptoms (Yes, It Still Exists)

Take a few simple precautions to avoid this potentially deadly flea-borne disease.

food trucks food trucks

Is Food Truck Food Safe to Eat?

Learn when to indulge — and when to walk away.

ground beef panground beef pan

Consumer Reports: There’s Poop in Your Burger

Experts tested 300 packages of ground beef and found widespread bacterial contamination.

pancakes walnutspancakes walnuts

Allergic to Nuts? Avoid These Hidden Sources

Egg rolls? Enchilada sauce? Nuts are all too easy to accidentally ingest.

pill prescription bottlepill prescription bottle

How to Avoid a Dangerous Pharmacy Mix-Up

It’s simple: Look in the bag before you leave.

fruit loops cereal bowlfruit loops cereal bowl

Allergic to Soy? Avoid These Hidden Sources

Who knew that some canned tuna, chocolate and vegetable oils contain soy?

woman magnifying glasswoman magnifying glass

6 Health Myths Even Smart People Believe

Just because your mom (or even your doctor) says so doesn't mean it's true.

adult coloring mandalaadult coloring mandala

Color Your Way Calm

Adult coloring books may be the ticket to easing your stress and anxiety.

hand griphand grip

How Long Will You Live?

What your grip strength and other longevity predictors say about your future.

doctor scrubbing handsdoctor scrubbing hands

How Good Is Your Local Hospital?

The time to research it is now, before you need it.

doctor vaccine elderly womandoctor vaccine elderly woman

Why — and When — You Should Get the Shingles Vaccine

"Think of this as a pistol with one bullet. The question is, ‘When do you shoot the bullet’?”

child with strawberrieschild with strawberries

Anaphylaxis: Beware the Double Whammy

Some 15 percent of children who suffer these allergic reactions can have another hours later.

woman wearing jeanswoman wearing jeans

Losing the Nerve to Wear Skinny Jeans

One woman’s story of nerve damage and a hospital stay may scare the tight pants off you.