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chicken roll dinnerchicken roll dinner

Eat Carbs Last: Why Your Food Order Might Matter

Eating your bread at the end of a meal may help keep blood sugar levels healthy.

hot vegetable souphot vegetable soup

A Safe, Disease-Busting Way to Fast?

A new periodic fast, called the fast-mimicking diet, requires doctor supervision but may boost your health and even slow down aging.

iced teaiced tea

Iced Tea: Just as Healthy as Hot?

The answer: It depends.

older person in classroom older person in classroom

4 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Experts say these habits may greatly reduce your odds of developing this form of dementia.

salmon saladsalmon salad

8 Ways to Save Money on Healthy Foods

Yes, you can eat well for less. Here are 8 ways to try right now.

hotel receptionhotel reception

Hotel Safety: What You Don't Know…

Thieves and fires can ruin your vacation or worse. Learn how to protect yourself.

pumice stone footpumice stone foot

How to Treat Dry, Cracked Heels

6 doctor-recommended home remedies for smooth, sandal-ready feet.

man with headacheman with headache

Could That Headache Be Brain Cancer?

It’s possible, but did you know that personality changes, depression and confusion are typically earlier signs?

tired teen sleepingtired teen sleeping

Is It Mono or Something Else?

If your teen is exhausted, with swollen lymph nodes and a sore throat, it could be the kissing disease. If you’re over 60 and jaundiced, ditto.

Mosquito on skinMosquito on skin

Natural Mosquito Repellents: Which Ones Work?

If you're mosquito bait, learn which non-DEET repellents will fend them off and save you from annoying bites.

half marathon half marathon

11 Tips for Before and After a Half Marathon

Two veteran marathoners offer a pre- and post-race formula for success.

beach umbrellas beach umbrellas

10 Skin Cancer Myths and Mistakes

How sun-safe are you? What you don't know about your skin cancer risk may hurt you.

puppy chewing on bone puppy chewing on bone

9 Surprising Places Salmonella Bacteria Lurk

Salmonella poisoning isn't just a raw chicken thing. Here are other places to watch for it.

Pitcher of water with lemons Pitcher of water with lemons

Lemon Water: The (Somewhat) Bitter Truth

What lemon water can — and can’t — do for your health and digestion.

germ main imagegerm main image

Quiz: Which Has More Germs?

You may fancy yourself a germ expert, but do you really know where germs lurk and how to avoid them?