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Woman with back pain working at computerWoman with back pain working at computer

Are You Sitting All Wrong? Find Out Here

Making a few simple tweaks to your posture can pay off big with less back, neck and hip pain.

hand holding egghand holding egg

How to Tell If an Egg Is Bad

Forget all those online videos explaining how to tell good eggs from bad; here's the real scoop.

teen crossing streetteen crossing street

Autism in Teens: 4 Ways to Reduce Wandering

Many teens diagnosed with autism wander, and for some it turns dangerous. Here, how parents and others can lower that risk.

oops cloudsoops clouds

Why Am I So Gassy?

Common causes of gas, and what you can do about it.

TV remote controlTV remote control

Don't Touch That Remote — Until You Read This

Whether on the road or at home, the TV remote is likely crawling with germs. Here's what to do.

Woman drinking coffeeWoman drinking coffee

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

Java lovers will rejoice over proposed new guidelines.

little boy on carpetlittle boy on carpet

What's Lurking In Your Carpet?

Forget the toilet seat — your carpet is even germier.

Hand dryerHand dryer

Hand Dryers Spew Bacteria, But Should You Worry?

Here's why paper towels are probably still the best choice in a public restroom.

Angelina Jolie PittAngelina Jolie Pitt

Angelina Jolie's Second Preventive Surgery: FAQs

Why the actress had her ovaries removed, and how other women can reduce their risk of ovarian cancer.

coffee mugcoffee mug

Read This Before You Touch That Office Coffee Mug

That java may jump-start your day, but the germs that lurk could lay you low.

statin promo imagestatin promo image

Cholesterol-Lowering Statins: What to Know Before You Fill Your Prescription

These drugs reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, but do you know about the downsides?

man on crutchesman on crutches

Think Twice Before You Take a Prescription Painkiller

Opioids don’t work as well as you think — and yes, they are addictive.

3d mammogram3d mammogram

Do You Need a 3-D Mammogram?

Especially in certain women, these mammograms detect breast cancer better than conventional ones. But how do you know if you need one?

pink and green water bottlepink and green water bottle

The Right Way to Wash Your Water Bottle

Don't risk your health while saving the environment. Here's how to keep your water bottle clean, and the best kind to buy next time.

man measuring bellyman measuring belly

Men: The Secret to Losing That Belly

Choosing between the treadmill and weights? Find out which one works best.