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yoga ladiesyoga ladies

5 Surprising Benefits of Yoga

The ancient discipline can treat chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety and even help prevent bone loss, researchers say.

woman sleep airportwoman sleep airport

Cancelled Flights and Forced Overnights: How Not to Get Stranded at the Airport

10 smart travel tips for getting to your destination on time.

dust bunnydust bunny

6 Things You Didn't Know about Dust

What does your dust say about you?

french flag overlay fbfrench flag overlay fb

Social Media Shaming: Just Don't Do It

Experts speak out against "grief shaming" and other forms of cyberbullying.

thank you journalthank you journal

Why and How to Keep a Gratitude Journal

Simply expressing thanks can boost your outlook and even your health.

toddler and teddy imaginarytoddler and teddy imaginary

Worried About Your Child's Imaginary Friend?

Here are 5 good reasons to welcome your kid's pretend pal to the family.

man exercising focusedman exercising focused

Addicted to Exercise?

How to recognize exercise addiction and what to do about it.

moisturizing legsmoisturizing legs

Winter Skin Guide: 7 Steps to Healthy, Itch-Free Skin

Ditch the winter itch with these simple tips.

family playing cardsfamily playing cards

6 Ways to Get Your Kids to Stop Texting and Talk with You

Reintroducing your child to the merits of human contact.

woman sleeping bedwoman sleeping bed

The Best Sleep Position for What Ails You

Whether you have neck pain, back pain, acid reflux or something else, sleeping the right way might help.

airplane windowairplane window

Dumbest Things People Do on Airplanes

And you thought “Stop the plane, I want to get off” was just a joke.

college students eating togethercollege students eating together

The Freshman 15 is a Myth, But Weight Gain in College Isn’t

How to avoid starting a trend that could snowball in your 20s and beyond.


Toxic Shock Syndrome: It's Rare, But It Can Still Happen

The syndrome peaked in the 1980s, but infections from tampons are still possible.

college football gamecollege football game

Having the College Safety Talk

6 critical things to tell your college freshman.

upset female college studentupset female college student

Avoiding Campus Sexual Assault: Playing It Safe in "The Red Zone"

Why freshmen women need to pay special attention during their first semester.