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couple argumentcouple argument

Are You in an Abusive Relationship Without Knowing It?

Learn how to recognize the signs and when to get help.

woman mad at phonewoman mad at phone

How to Complain on Social Media Without Getting Sued (or Worse)

A man was recently kicked off a plane for a negative tweet.


Does Your Diet Pass the MyPlate Test?

First Lady Michelle Obama certainly hopes so.

raspberry smoothieraspberry smoothie

Smoothies: Liquid Candy Out to Kill You?

How to whip up a healthier version.

woman looking at mouthwoman looking at mouth

The Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Canker Sores

If you're prone to these mouth ulcers, you know how painful — and tenacious — they can be.

kid meditatingkid meditating

Can Meditation Calm Your Anxious Child?

Studies in schools suggest it eases anxiety and even boosts test scores.

leg cramp womanleg cramp woman

Are Your Leg Cramps a Sign of Something More Serious?

Persistent cramps may signal the onset of diabetes or other diseases.

lease agreementlease agreement

Landlords: 4 Rental Scams to Avoid

Read this before taking on your next tenant.

Blue torch light in the darkBlue torch light in the dark

6 Mistakes Not To Make During A Power Outage

Is that a live wire or a piece of rope?

Timeshare in FloridaTimeshare in Florida

Our Timeshare Disaster: What I Wish I’d Known Before Buying

My husband and I gave in to the hard sell (and why you shouldn't).

box of tissuesbox of tissues

Is It Allergies or a Summer Cold?

Here are some key clues.

pinocchio liarpinocchio liar

How to Tell If Someone Is Lying

The average person can spot a lie only half of the time.

indoor compostingindoor composting

Don't Bug Out Over Indoor Composting

Turn your kitchen waste into rich soil without attracting pests.

compost pilecompost pile

How to Compost Without Attracting Pests

A few simple tips will keep both small and large creatures away.

yard sale womanyard sale woman

10 Things Never to Buy at Yard Sales

Pass up that bargain couch, mattress, crib and car seat.