Lara Salahi

Man holding heartMan holding heart

Quiz: Are You Heart Smart?

How much do you know about heart health and America’s number one killer, heart disease?

Breast pumpBreast pump

How to Clean a Breast Pump

The busy mom’s guide to getting it clean without spending precious time scrubbing after each session.


Pregnant? Why You Should Skip the "Keepsake" Ultrasound

Exposing your growing baby to procedures that aren’t regulated or medically necessary is risky, experts warn.

Snowy roofSnowy roof

The Do’s and Don’ts of Clearing Snow from a Roof

From piles of snow to ice dams and frozen gutters, here’s how to handle what winter throws at your roof.

A child in a booster seat.A child in a booster seat.

Is it Time to Say Bye-Bye, Booster Seat?

You may be among the 90 percent of parents ditching the booster too soon.