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woman starting car ignitionwoman starting car ignition

Can’t Stop Texting While Driving? This Device Is for You

Orginally used for DUIs, ignition interlocks prevent distracted driving, too.

cooler with colorful sodacooler with colorful soda

The Safe Way to Pack a Cooler (So No One Gets Sick)

Bring food — not food poisoning — to the party with these 10 tips.

Woman with severe jaw painWoman with severe jaw pain

4 Telltale Signs You’re Grinding Your Teeth

You may be wearing down and even cracking your pearly whites without realizing it. Here’s how to find out.

Teen sleeping in classTeen sleeping in class

How to Help Your Teen Get Enough Sleep

Too much homework, extracurricular activities and social media at night? Here's how to help your child get the sleep he needs.

rock concertrock concert

How to Avoid Hearing Loss at a Rock Concert

Even one loud concert can cause permanent ringing.

home inspectionhome inspection

Ask the Expert: Home Inspections

Getting a home inspected? Learn about digital cameras, how to choose an inspector and what to watch for in new and old homes.

pregnant womanpregnant woman

Pregnant? How to Protect Your Baby from BPA

Seven ways pregnant women can lower their exposure to BPA.

clean homeclean home

Clearing the Air: 3 Dangerous Pollutants in Your Home

Expert advice on how to reduce the toxins trapped in your house.


Bait and Switch: Why the Fish You’re Eating May Not Be the Fish You Think You’re Eating

Are you being duped by fish fraudsters?

overheating iphoneoverheating iphone

4 Places Never to Keep Your Cell Phone

It’s bad news if your cell phone battery overheats. Learn how to protect it.

healthier school lunchhealthier school lunch

How to Make Your Kids' School Lunch Healthier

School lunches may be better for kids after all.

car sick from windy roadcar sick from windy road

9 Ways to Head Off Car Sickness

Plus, why some people are more prone to it than others.

toddler eatingtoddler eating

Packaged Infant and Toddler Foods: What Parents Need to Know

The harmful ingredients to watch for, and some easy kid-friendly alternatives.

woman eating dinnerwoman eating dinner

Should You Say Sayonara to Sugar?

Researchers discovered an unsettling link between sugar and heart disease. Find out how much is too much.

sprained anklesprained ankle

​Signs That “Sprain" Might Be Something More Serious

Is that twisted ankle or injured wrist bad enough to head to the ER? Learn the less obvious signs of a fracture, and why you shouldn’t wait to treat it.