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flu virusflu virus

​Sidelined by the Flu?

This year’s flu is especially deadly. Learn how to prevent it and why taking an antiviral drug like Tamiflu and Relenza could be a lifesaver if you get it.


9 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Recycle

How to keep bras, Crocs, Nikes and pantyhose out of landfills

using a walkerusing a walker

Does Your Aging Parent Really Need a Walker?

Common factors that contribute to falls in older people.

lightbulbs for better sleeplightbulbs for better sleep

The Lowdown on LED Light Bulbs and Insomnia

Change a light bulb, change your mood?

laser toyslaser toys

The Hazards of Toys and Tools with Lasers

When used improperly, lasers in toys and other items can cause serious eye injury or even blindness in an adult, child or pet.

airport security scannerairport security scanner

Are Full Body Scanners Safe?

Why improved technology may mean less risk at airports.


​How to Safely Get Rid of Earwax

Q-tips are enemy #1 for ears. Here are 6 ear hygiene pointers, including how to break the Q-tip habit and safely clean your ears.

thawing meatthawing meat

How to Thaw Meat

The only 3 safe options, from slow to fast.

carpeted staircasecarpeted staircase

​How to Fall-Proof Your Aging Parent’s Home

Falls in the elderly can cause head trauma and broken bones. Learn 7 changes you can make in your parent’s home to dramatically reduce their risk.


Are You Using Your Generator Safely?

9 critical do’s and don’ts to get you through the next power outage.

tai chitai chi

How to Help Your Aging Parent Avoid Falls

6 ways to dramatically reduce the risk of falls in older adults, from adjusting medications to taking strength and balance classes.