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woman talking to dentistwoman talking to dentist

Have a Fear of the Dentist? Here are 9 Ways to Get Yourself into the Chair

The key is finding a dentist who can listen to your fears.

woman lost her voicewoman lost her voice

I Lost My Voice, Now What?

Medical experts tell you how to get your groove back.

bipolar conceptbipolar concept

How to Spot Bipolar Disorder

Knowing the symptoms of this devastating illness can save a loved one's life.

goldfish tankgoldfish tank

Goldfish Care 101: Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes

Taking care of your child’s first pet is not nearly as simple as it looks.

noisy neighbornoisy neighbor

How to Deal With Noisy Neighbors

What to do about midnight drumming, clogging and other nuisances.

tree in foresttree in forest

Can Trees Make You Younger?

Want to feel like you got a $10,000 raise and turned 7 years younger? Look to the nearest tree-lined street.

Girl stressed out by street noiseGirl stressed out by street noise

Listen Up: These Apps Can Help Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

How loud is too loud? There's an app for that.

Young baseball fansYoung baseball fans

Crying "Foul": Baseball Fans Are Getting Hit

Some kids and other spectators have needed brain surgery after being struck in the head.

kid eating carrotkid eating carrot

How to Get More Fiber into Your Kid’s Diet

It’s not rocket science, says a former executive chef.

dog at officedog at office

How to Bring Your Dog to Work without Landing in the Doghouse

Get the benefits of petting and wags without the cold stares, sneezes or injuries.

man on motorcycleman on motorcycle

Beware “Brain Buckets": These Novelty Motorcycle Helmets Are Useless

Federal safety tests show “100 percent probability” of brain injury in a crash.

sand stormsand storm

How to Survive a Dust Storm

Tips for staying safe in a rolling wall of sand and silt.

tiny house mousetiny house mouse

Animal-Friendly Ways to Get Rid Of Mice

From sealing small holes to using essential oils, pest control experts share their secrets.


How to Prepare For an Earthquake

If the earth moves under your feet, it’s important to know what to do.

Google self-driving car prototypeGoogle self-driving car prototype

Driverless Cars? One Skeptical California Resident Asks Google to Dish

Robocars take human error out of the equation, but can they tell a tree branch from a pedestrian?