Lynn Langway


8 “Health Foods” that Aren’t So Healthy

These provide fewer nutrients and/or more sugar and fat than you think.

condiments ketchup mustard bbqcondiments ketchup mustard bbq

Do Your Condiments Cut the Mustard When it Comes to Safety?

Don’t let food poisoning from that old bottle of ketchup or barbecue sauce spoil your cookout.

flowers in wheel barrowflowers in wheel barrow

How to Create an Allergy-Friendly Garden

By choosing the right plants, you can enjoy your yard in spring and summer without sneezing your head off.

Willow tree in bloomWillow tree in bloom

Seasonal Allergies: Yes, They’re Getting Worse, and Here’s Why

Hotter temps and higher pollution may be making hay fever attacks more likely than ever, but here’s how you can defend yourself.