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splattered tomatosplattered tomato

Damaged Tomatoes and Bread Mold: The Future of Energy?

Rotten food and fungus could one day power batteries and fuel cells.

dark chocolatedark chocolate

Your Chocolate May Contain Lead — But Should You Stop Eating It?

One advocacy group says levels in some products are unsafe, but chocolate companies disagree.

house cutawayhouse cutaway

Room-By-Room Tips to Prevent Accidental Poisoning

If you have kids, you’ll want to give these rooms the once-over.

french fries fryerfrench fries fryer

The FDA Wants Less Acrylamide in Our Food

French fries, potato chips and even your morning toast may contain this probable carcinogen.

kidney surgeonkidney surgeon

Need a Kidney? A New Approach Could Open Up the Options for Some

With desensitization, getting an incompatible organ is better than getting none, a major study finds.

Basement windowBasement window

Would You Be Able to Get Out of Your Basement in the Event of a Fire?

Basement fires are among the most dangerous. Here are four ways to protect yourself.

grandma granddaughtergrandma granddaughter

A Heart-Stopping Risk of Extreme Happiness

Turns out, being happy can cause "broken heart syndrome" too.

family eatingfamily eating

Can the Right Diet Help Protect You from Lead Poisoning?

The important role calcium, iron and vitamin C play.

vegan pizzavegan pizza

Bill Clinton: A Mostly Vegan Diet May Have Saved My Life

Want to become a part-time vegan? Start with these tips.

spherical bacteriaspherical bacteria

Top Drug-Resistant Germs in America

The CDC's list of 18 dangerous bacteria, and how you can do your part to stop more germs from becoming deadly

pills moneypills money

When Your Doctor Tweets about His "Favorite" Drug

There may be big pharma dollars hidden behind that social media post.

UL Engineers Help Make the World a Safer Place

Here are five who are making a difference.

woman boxingwoman boxing

Cancer Prevention: One Research Group's Top Ten Tips

Here's the American Institute for Cancer Research's list of to-dos (and don'ts).

burned hoverboardburned hoverboard

Hoverboards May Soon Be Recalled

The US government warned manufacturers it may start yanking unsafe hoverboards off of shelves.

pills on pink backgroundpills on pink background

For Lead Poisoning, Autism or Heart Disease, Don’t Turn to Chelation Supplements

The FDA is warning against the use of the OTC supplements for these and other conditions.