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A dog licks his chops.A dog licks his chops.

10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

It’s hard not to share your meal with your dog. But there are many foods your canine should never eat, like chocolate, avocado, grapes and more.

Bottles of prescription medication. Bottles of prescription medication.

The Safe Ways to Dispose of Medications

Should you flush or throw away expired or unwanted drugs? Find out how to dispose of medication safely when you empty your medicine cabinet.

mom and daughter cleaningmom and daughter cleaning

Tips for Greener House Cleaning

From bleach to oven cleaners, cleaning sprays to kitchen sponges, get the latest tips for how to clean your home in a safer, greener way.

dog with baby toydog with baby toy

Getting Your Pet Ready for Your New Baby

Expecting a baby? Here’s how to prepare your dog or cat for the changes that come with bringing an infant home.

Puppy with a torn pillow.Puppy with a torn pillow.

How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

A new puppy doesn’t have to mean a wrecked house. These tips will help get your place ready for your new bouncing bundle of four-legged energy.

pets and air travelpets and air travel

What to Know Before Taking Your Pet on a Plane

When driving isn’t an option, here’s how you can fly the friendly skies safely with your dog or cat.

family watching firefamily watching fire

Quiz: Are You Prepared for a House Fire?

This fire safety quiz will test your knowledge on everything from smoke alarms to fire extinguishers, fire escape plans to what you should grab when you’re racing out the door.

airplane stewardessairplane stewardess

Is it Safe to Drink the Water on a Plane?

Thirsty? Think twice before ordering coffee, tea, water or any drink with ice. And don’t even think about brushing your teeth in the airplane bathroom.

button batteriesbutton batteries

Parents: Beware of Button Batteries

Learn about the dangers of swallowing button batteries or coin cell batteries and how to keep your child safe.

girl eating hotdoggirl eating hotdog

Hidden Food Allergens: 18 Surprising Foods (and Drinks) That Have Them

Avoiding food allergy triggers can be tricky. Here are 18 surprising foods that have soy, wheat, eggs, gluten and other common allergens.

dog and cat in the snowdog and cat in the snow

10 Ways to Be Kind to Your Pet this Winter

From puppy parkas to plastic water bowls, get great ideas for keeping your dog or cat safe and warm all winter long.

texting and drivingtexting and driving

7 Ways to Prevent Your Teen from Texting and Driving

Saving your young driver from his cell phone could save his life.

girl on cliff with tabletgirl on cliff with tablet

9 Tech Habits That Can Wreck Your Body (and How to Break Them)

How you use your phone, computer and tablet can take a toll on your body and even wreck your sleep. Learn healthier ways to use electronic devices.


How to Survive a Tornado

Find out what to do and where to go when a twister looms with these tornado safety tips.

sick familysick family

Quiz: Flu Myths and Facts

Test your knowledge and learn some surprising flu facts.