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woman lifting dumbbellwoman lifting dumbbell

6 Surprising Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Want a sharper brain, lower blood sugar and stronger bones? Lift more than a finger.

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Gift Card Exchange Websites: Is Regifting for Money Safe?

You can sell your gift card, but beware of these pitfalls.

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Is Your Child’s Anorexia Treatment Up to Date?

Experts say families are part of the cure, not the problem.

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After Weight-Loss Surgery: Surprising Nutrition Risks

You may have trouble getting the nutrients you need. Here’s what to do.

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8 Surprising Foods and Supplements That Can Raise Your Blood Pressure

For better BP, eat your fruits and veggies — and watch out for these culprits.

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Tips to Keep Your Child Safe at School

When an illness or emergency happens, a little preparation goes a long way.

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The 8 Best Foods to Eat For Depression

These foods boost healthy brain chemistry and fight inflammation, which is linked to depression.

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Tips for Managing Screen Time That’s Out of Control

8 ways to get your family life back in balance.

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Questions to Ask Before a Play Date

Your child's safety may hinge on the answers.

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Halloween Safety Tips

The only scares on fright night should come from ghosts and goblins.

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Guide to Mold Colors and What They Mean

Green, brown, yellow or black, mold has no place in your home.

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Halloween Décor Safety Smarts

How to keep those Halloween decorations from causing more than a scare.

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Proper Hand Washing 101: What’s the Best Way to Kill Germs?

You may be surprised at what — and what not — to do.

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Are Early School Start Times Hurting Your Teenagers?

Experts say their brains are wired to go to sleep later and get up later. Here's what parents can do.

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How to Stop Nighttime Binge Eating

A regular urge to binge at night may be a sign of an eating disorder.