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woman sick pillswoman sick pills

Do Decongestants Cause Side Effects?

The Mayo Clinic explains why decongestants sometimes cause more harm than good.

woman mammography doctorwoman mammography doctor

Mammograms: What to Know About False-Positive Results

The Mayo Clinic explains false-positive mammograms and offers insight into the screening process.

restless legsrestless legs

Treatments for Restless Legs Syndrome

Without treatment, RLS can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

kid nightmareskid nightmares

Easing the Fear of Childhood Nightmares

The Mayo Clinic offers tips for more peaceful nights.

depressed womandepressed woman

Breaking the Social Stigma of Mental Illness

The Mayo Clinic busts 6 mental illness myths popularized by the media.


Aspirin 411: What the New Guidelines Mean

The Mayo Clinic explains what to know about taking aspirin to prevent heart attack, stroke and colon cancer.

doctor patient skeletondoctor patient skeleton

Are You at High Risk for Osteoporosis?

The Mayo Clinic explains whether it's genetic, and how to protect yourself.

doctor thyroid testdoctor thyroid test

Do You Have Borderline Hypothyroidism?

And if you do, does it really need treatment?

man having trouble breathingman having trouble breathing

Exhaled Nitric Oxide Test Can Be Helpful in Diagnosing Asthma

It only takes a few minutes and may determine more clues about your condition.

firewood firefirewood fire

Does Your Mouth Feel Like It's on Fire?

Vitamin deficiencies, low iron or thyroid issues may be the culprit. Here's how to treat it.

Ferris wheelFerris wheel

Feeling Off Balance? You Might Be Dealing With Vertigo

If your world is spinning, find out why — and what to do.

menopausal woman in front of fanmenopausal woman in front of fan

Treating Hot Flashes and Night Sweats Without Hormones

A Mayo Clinic doctor spells out the options.

little boy watching TVlittle boy watching TV

Children and Screen Time: How Much is Too Much?

Keep your child's screen time in check by enforcing these rules and restrictions.

picky eaterpicky eater

6 Tips for Dealing with Picky Eaters

Dealing with picky eaters can be tricky, but here are some tips to convince kids to eat new and healthier options.

woman waking up to alarmwoman waking up to alarm

With Daylight Saving Time Approaching, Learn Why Sleep Health is Important

Switching up your sleep schedule or having poor sleep habits can have a greater effect on your health than you might think.