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Hang up and drive signHang up and drive sign

Distracted Driving: Why Your Phone, Even Hands-Free, Is Still a Danger

A national safety expert says more than 30 studies have shown there’s zero benefit to hands-free devices.

Hard driveHard drive

How to Save Your Data When Your Hard Drive Crashes

Don’t panic — all might not be lost.

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Road Trip Checklist for Your Car

Give your vehicle some TLC before you make like the Griswolds in “National Lampoon’s Vacation.”

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What to Do with Your Old Car Seat

If your car seat expires or your child outgrows it, here’s how to get rid of it responsibly.

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Why You Should Let Your Teen Drive the Newer Car

When your teen starts to drive, resist the temptation to offer your old clunker. Here’s why the newer family car may be the much better option.

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What to Do When Your Electronic Treasures Become Trash

Wondering how to get rid of your old TV, cell phone or computer? Here are four smart strategies.

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The Scary Truth About Teen Drivers, and How You Can Keep Them Safe

Learn the best way to talk to your teen about distracted and drunk driving and other practical strategies to help keep him safe on the road.