Mike Saunders


They’re Cute, but How Safe Are Minicars?

Minicars might be cute, nimble and fuel efficient, but crash tests show they don’t protect passengers as well as larger cars.

Chain sawChain saw

Chain Saw Safety: Guarding Life and Limb

Injuries happen in a flash, but not if you know how to protect yourself.

All-wheel-drive vehicleAll-wheel-drive vehicle

Is All-Wheel Drive Safest?

Rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive: Which is safest, and do road or weather conditions affect the level of safety?

A car with snow tires.A car with snow tires.

Are Your All-Season Tires Really Good Enough for Winter?

The right set of tires may be the key to keeping your car on the road — and out of a ditch — this winter.