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Black & Decker Spacemaker CoffeemakerBlack & Decker Spacemaker Coffeemaker

5 Recalled Kitchen Products that Could Be in Your Home Right Now

These common kitchen appliances and tools have dangerous glitches that need repair.

boy in playgroundboy in playground

Parents: 6 Lesser-Known Summer Hazards to Heed

Hot playground equipment, flying bouncy castles…don’t let your child get burned or carried away this summer.


Annoying Telemarketing Calls? Turn Them into Cash

Federal law penalizes companies by making them pay consumers they contact illegally. Learn how to take advantage.

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How to Spot and Avoid Online Pet Scams

Crooks are taking advantage of people looking to get, or find, a dog or cat.

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Is Your Flooded Car a Goner?

Get the facts before you decide to salvage your water-logged vehicle.

baby in cribbaby in crib

5 Products Dangerous to Children That Could be Lurking in Your Home

If you have one of these products, either get rid of it or see whether there's a way to make it safe.

Little boy with water wingsLittle boy with water wings

Safe — and Unsafe — Flotation Devices for Kids

Don't let water wings and other flotation devices lull you into a false sense of security.


How to Prevent an Explosion and Other Furnace Disasters

Furnaces are trusty appliances — until something goes wrong.

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5 Ways to Safeguard Your Luggage

Don't let stolen luggage ruin your trip.

Car accidentCar accident

5 Ways to Avoid Auto Body Shop Ripoffs

After a car accident, here’s how to get the most bang for your buck at the repair shop.

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Don't Let Your Child Scoot His Way into the Emergency Room

How you can help prevent the injuries many kids suffer when using popular foot-powered scooters.

Nissan logoNissan logo

Nearly 1 Million Nissan and Infiniti Vehicles May Still Have Air Bag Problem After Recalls

After further complaints from drivers, the U.S. government is investigating whether repairs made during two recalls were effective.

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Keeping Bath Time Safe for Kids

Rubber ducky time is lots of fun, but make sure it’s also hazard-free.

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Bad Weather? Avoid Getting Bumped or Stuck in the Airport

Seasoned travelers know these tricks. Now you can use them, too.


How to Hire a Contractor and Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Skip the nightmare and get the job done right.