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child's face pressed against windowchild's face pressed against window

Parents: Don’t Let Your Child Fall Out of a Window

More than 5,000 children a year go to emergency rooms after falling out of windows. Here’s how to prevent disaster and make sure your windows are safe.

Baby on changing table with motherBaby on changing table with mother

How to Keep Your Kid from Falling Off the Furniture

More than a million children a year tumble off changing tables, beds and highchairs — and land in the hospital.

Filing taxesFiling taxes

7 Tips for Filing Your Taxes Safely

Savvy thieves are finding new ways to steal your most sensitive information. Protect yourself from scams with these simple strategies.

credit cardcredit card

College Students: Ignore Predatory Credit Card Offers and Do This Instead

Be smart with your first credit (or debit) card by following these tips.

Webcam and computerWebcam and computer

Are Peeping Toms Watching You Through Your Webcam?

Block the prying eyes of hackers with these expert tips for securing your home webcam.

Little girl riding in a stollerLittle girl riding in a stoller

How to Choose a Safe Stroller

There’s a lot riding on the stroller you pick. Be sure it makes the grade.


Don’t Let a Battery Set Your House on Fire

The hidden hazards of 9-volt batteries and how to store and dispose of them safely.

Social security cardSocial security card

Protecting Your Social Security Number

In this age of increased identity theft, when can you refuse to provide your social security number?

A woman holding her credit cardsA woman holding her credit cards

How to Recover from Holiday Over-Spending

These strategies will help you and your family claw your way out of debt

senior couplesenior couple

10 Ways to Avoid Scams in 2015

Make a resolution to watch for warning signs and avoid being a victim of consumer scams and identity theft.