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woman drinking water summerwoman drinking water summer

5 Health Conditions that Can Get Worse in the Summer

Sunburn is one thing, kidney stones another. Don’t get sidelined this season.

roll of billsroll of bills

5 Signs That Bill May Be Counterfeit

Never accept a wooden nickel — or a fake bill.

boy holding guinea pigboy holding guinea pig

Hidden Dangers of Unusual Pets

What to know about guinea pigs, snakes, ferrets, iguanas and more.

chicken and egg croppedchicken and egg cropped

Avian Flu: Which Is Hit Worse — the Chicken or the Egg?

The recent outbreak is affecting availability of poultry and driving up egg prices.

people hiking in junglepeople hiking in jungle

7 Poisonous Plants to Avoid

How to recognize them and what to do if you touch one.

house floodedhouse flooded

What To Do After a Flood

Once the floodwaters recede, follow these tips for safely returning to your home and dealing with the damage.

People running in Washington, D.C.People running in Washington, D.C.

How Fit Is Your City?

See where your city ranks for outdoor exercise options, healthy choices and low obesity rates.

Generic cars on lotGeneric cars on lot

Do You Know if Your Vehicle Has Been Recalled?

A government agency has raised concerns about slow notifications for many Fiat Chrysler makes and models.


What to Do if You Encounter a Coyote in Your Neighborhood

With a few simple tricks, you can scare off a coyote and keep your pets and family safe.